Choreographer / Director / Interdisciplinary artist
Masterclasses Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School (DK) with Alex Kros
For three days (02,03.04/11.2021) Alex Kros offered Contemporary Technique Masterclasses at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School (DK)
photos by: Mikkel Carlsen
Alex Kros (Kyriakoulis) is an awarded Choreographer, Director and Interdisciplinary Artist based in Belgium. Born in Athens (GR), his choreographic work is based on an abstract way to translate and use Classical Ballet forms. His creations are characterised by the versatility, fluidity, sharpness and the no ending motions.     As a freelance choreographer he has been commissioned by Greek National Ballet Opera (GR), Ballet Du Nord (FR), La Verita Dance Company (BE), Conservatorium Mechelen (BE) among others and his worked has been supported by Choreographisches Centrum of Heidelberg (DE), Centre Chorégraphique National de Roubaix (FR), Le Bateau Feu / Scène Nationale Dunkerque (FR), La Barcarolle EPCC Spectacle vivant Audomarois (FR) and Trois C - L Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois (LU)”.   In 2015 he eceived the First Prize as “Best New Choreographer” from the competition “Les Lendemains qui Dansent” (FR) and he has been nominaded by the Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition (NL), La Grande Scène / Petites Scènes Ouvertes (FR), Berner Tanz Preise (CH), No Ballet Choreographic Compettion (DE) and Machol Shalem International Choreographic Competition (IL).  Alex Kros has also a Bachelor of Economics and an associate degree in Acting and Directing.
rule of three
rule of three
Into the storm
A commissioned choreography by Greek National Ballet Opera (GR)
Choreography: Alex Kros (Kyriakoulis) Dancers: Magda Koukou-Ferra, Marta Rivero de Miranda, Alicia Townsend, Cristian Luce, Yannis Mitrakis Costumes: Yorgos Mesimeris Production: Greek National Ballet Opera (GR) Music: Stamatis Pasopoulos Music performed by Oros Ensemble Director: Michalis Asthenidis Photography director: Fotis Zygouris Into the Storm is a work choreographed by Alex Kyriakoulis to music by Stamatis Pasopoulos. It is a challenge and an invitation to dancers to exceed their personal limits and create a dynamic yet powerful mix of bodies and energies. “The choreography is created on 3D levels, in multiple virtual layers, with solos, duets and quickly-formed group shapes, and aims to take viewers on an endless journey of emotions. An invisible line unites and at once separates the dancers, as they carry their energy everywhere. Their momentum can sweep everything away as they come through by creating a cloud of incessant and chaotic movement.
Dare to be together
Choreography: Alex Kros (Kyriakoulis) Dancers: Katerina Mageraki, Petros Tsofillas, Noni Boufi Set Design / Stage Manager: Paraskevi Chionidou Lighting Design: Alex Kyriakoulis Music / Cello: Alexandros Kasartzis With the support of: Dance Cultural Centre “Dare to be together” is a dance study on the evolution of human relations and the corresponding changes in the psychology of the people involved. Although humans seem to be functioning better and moving forward through relational processes, through proximity and exchange, the demand for individuality seems to always come up, almost inevitably, claiming satisfaction and the reins in every encounter. While it is true that each and every one of us essentially enters and leaves the complex ritual of existence alone, it is equally true that everyday living becomes possible thanks to the many ways in which we are aware of others and share with them the characteristics of our unique experience. Choreographer and multidisciplinary artist Alex Kyriakoulis is reflecting on the boldness of coexistence and union, on the synapses fueled by touch and the significations triggered by embraces; his choreography sheds light on the manifest need of the body to “become” with other bodies, even if it only happens “in- between”, in the space that lies between the two fundamental points of loneliness – birth and death. As the choreographer points out with regard to the particular conditions of isolation we are currently experiencing: “A teacher of mine had once told me that ‘humans come and go alone.’ So, let us figure out the way to change the intervening course of our lives.”
What i can’t, you can
Choreography: Alex Kros (Kyriakoulis) Dancers: Dries Verstreepen, Valentina Di Lullo Production: La Verita Dance Company (BE) more info soon
Alex Kros
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NEWS / CALENDAR (May - Dec 2022)
- Balleto Di Roma / Rome (IT): 28 November - 03 December 2022 - Acts Ecole de danse contemporaine / Paris (FR): Workshop, Choreography 14 - 26 November 2022 - Henny Jurriens Studio / Amsterdam (NL): Open Classes 26 - 30 September 2022 - Residenzzentrum tanz+ / Baden (CH) : Residency (new creation) 12 - 23 September 2022 - Toula Limnaios Cie / Berlin (DE) : Company Classes 24&25 May 2022 - Ballet Du Nord / CCN Roubaix Ecole (FR): Commission Choreography 14, 15, 16 May 2022